The Daily Challenge, Day Fourteen: Surreal

Disclaimer: This post is aimed at a certain type of people. I will be addressing you in first person, just so it can really get through to you. If you start reading and find that isn't not aimed at you - congratulations. Please continue reading and revel in your intelligence. 

We're a generation of exaggeration. As time goes on and the human brain comes up with bigger, brighter, shiner things - it's becoming increasingly difficult to stand out. It seems that with subtle changes in our everyday language, you try to grasp people's attention by abusing the English language and using words that you shouldn't be using. 

Call me old-fashioned (go on, I dare you), but I almost lose sleep knowing that the informal definition of some of these words are in the dictionary. But so is sodomy. It doesn't make it right. 

Surreal is one of those words that we like to use in everyday conversation, without really meaning it. Surreal is defined as 'a mix of fact and fantasy' - but that's not how you really mean it, is it? Here are some other words you need to cut out of your vocabulary:

Epic: Heroic or grand in scale or character, an exceptionally long and arduous task or activity

Awesome: Extremely impressive or daunting; inspiring awe

Literally: In a literal manner or sense; exactly

Another deplorable habit is the growing trend of reminding someone of your intentions of your sentence before you say it. Prefacing a statement with 'to be honest', 'to be frank', or 'to be fair' doesn't make your words have any more of an impact. Let's just assume that people expect you to be honest and fair - so you never have to say it again.  

Sorry, but someone had to tell you, and I had to get this off my chest. Literally.

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