Monopolies and meat: my views on the Tesco mishap

Since the Tesco horse meat scandal, there has been a predictable public outrage at the very thought of eating meat from a horse. I completely understand, in terms of the deception of Tesco. But unfortunately, that's where my understanding ends.

This is my opportunity to finally retaliate to all those meat-eaters who've looked at me in disgust when I admit I'm a pescetarian - admit being the operative word. All the shocked gazes, the judgemental tones, insensitive questions and the overall impression that I'm doing something akin to beating up children. "Don't you ever just want a burger?", "how can you not eat meat?" and the best response I think I've ever had: "I don't agree with that". Well, I don't agree with you being an arsehole!

In my experience, vegetarians get rude responses from meat-eaters. Well, now it's my turn to be disrespectful and admit that I don't understand the outrage of meat-eaters in response to the Tesco scandal.

My first problem, one which I'm sure is trite by now - is what people expected from cheap ready meals. My second problem is, as far as my knowledge extends, cows and horses have equal ability to feel pain.

People eating horse meat isn't a new thing. There's no health risk from eating it - what exactly, aside from the deception, is the problem? If you eat meat, you clearly don't have a problem with an animal dying to feed your Sunday morning hangover, do you?

Obviously, we place horses higher up than cows, but they both have feelings, they're both equally alive. I think the reaction shows that maybe meat-eaters just aren't as comfortable with the consequences of eating animals as perhaps they once thought.


  1. I can definitely relate, it's gross! X

  2. I get what you're saying, quite a lot of my friends are pescetarians/vegetarians and quite a lot have had rude responses to saying they are and it's not fair, rude and shouldn't happen.

    But I don't agree with what you've said about horse meat not having any health risks- in some cases maybe. However in this latest scandal there are; a lot of the horse meat had dangerous levels of toxins in them, from an inflammatory (and various other) drug/s that are seriously harmful to humans.

    And then there's also the deception, people do not like being deceived into thinking they are eating one thing when in fact it is another, which they would rather not eat, if you as a pescetarian were served something you were led to believe was fish and later found out was animal meat. I'm sure wouldn't be happy at the deception either.

    1. Hi Daniella, thanks for your comment! Ah, I read that horse is ate in France, and up until not that long ago it was even eaten here, which is why I figured there isn't any health risks. And I completely understand the deception, which I do mention in my post that I agree with people for being angry about that! x