Blue sea, blue sky, blue mood

I would apologise for not posting for a while, but I'm sure nobody's going blue from holding their breath. The reason, two interviews and a trip down to Cornwall, has resulted in a job offer. Alas, the struggles cease to end. They say you should never sleep when you're angry (I don't know who they are). I assume the same is advised for writing a blog post, so this could be interesting.

One thing that annoys me, especially since becoming a loyal Jeremy Kyle fan, is when people externalise their problems and blame other people. Or, another favourite, the Government. However, on this one occasion, I wish to grit my teeth and project my blame elsewhere, even it is just because I'm bitter.

After graduating university and having an empty overdraft and mounting debts simply because I want to educate myself and pay taxes for the rest of my life, I find the adult world very difficult to grasp. After managing to finally secure a job, and may I add, a job I am very excited to start, I struggle to fathom how I can afford to do it.

Here lies my problem - taxes pay for families to churn out children and sit on their arses all day, pardon my stereotyping but we all know it happens. Yet, I'm struggling to find any support for graduates attempting to start work. Unless you already live in a big city or you have rich parents, it's rare that you're going to be able to come out of university and start your career. That wasn't on the prospectus, was it?

Of course, I am to blame. It didn't occur to me to work part-time alongside my studies, and I'm too scared to donate a kidney.Yet I'm feeling increasingly confused as to why I can't find any graduate-targetted support. My request is simple - graduates don't want hand-outs, they don't want your tax money, just an interest-free loan in order to start earning and pay it back, avoiding the accretion of more debt. Government, if you want more tax, make it easier for graduates to give you it.

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