Short, sweet, sleepy

It's Thursday night, I've almost completed my first week of The Grown up World of Work. I've officially done it- moved to the other end of the country on my own to start my career. Except, I've learnt that the reality is quite different from how it looks in writing.

Throughout school, the thought of one day doing exactly what I'm now doing pulled me out of bed on those cold, early mornings to face double maths. The day that I could move somewhere lovely and get an exciting job has always been motivating.

It's not that Cornwall isn't lovely, or that the job isn't exciting. It's the reluctant realisation that everything seems more glamorous from the inside of the imagination. Take Harry Potter - in my imagination, it was amazing. On the big screen, not so much. Of course, my imagination doesn't register that the grown up world means taxes, tiredness or more tax. I guess the imagination retains a sense of naive hopefulness, whereas the big bad world knows no such thing.

Looking back, most things in life seem better in the anticipating. It's not that real life isn't great, it's just that my thoughts know no bounds, and often set me up for disappointment before I've even realised. It's made me wonder- will  imagination always out-do real life?Venturing into unknown territory always stimulates the imagination - it's impossible to go somewhere new without first conjuring it up in your mind. Before going to Paris earlier this year, I built up an image of it in my mind, obviously based on the fact that it's often called the most beautiful city in the world. Of course, I was disappointed.

So far, my Cornish adventure has been amazing. Whilst I may have pictured it differently, I never could have predicted the delightful array of people I've encountered - and that's always the best bit.

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  1. First of all, well done on your move. Im glad its going well!

    Personally, I dont think there is any harm in splitting your world in two. By that I mean, doing what is a means to an end everyday, and keeping hold of your dreams, and having something to work towards outside 'work'. You know when people say you should 're-focus' your dreams, or get back to reality, like what you dream and want to do for yourself is really any more insane than the world we find ourselves in everyday? I think its about learning to divide the two. We only 'work' because we have to. When your not working, spend your time doing what you love, what you dream about, until it one day turns into what you can also earn money at, and you know longer need a dividing line.
    I dont consider everyday work as reality, quite honestly I think of it as a bad dream. There is something better out there, and we can find it. Your imagination can be a powerful thing. Some people have none whatsoever.