Autumn/Winter nail wishlist

This post will conclude my recent, rather uncharacteristic and somewhat accidental fashion trilogy. For any regulars (hi mother), you'll notice that I've never really touched on fashion and beauty before on here. But to keep my blog fluid, it should reflect my interests, and whilst I've never felt compelled to talk about fashion and beauty before - I'm trying to expand on the range of topics I write about. Disclaimer over, now for my most-coveted nail polishes!

Is it just me or has the world of nail polish stepped up a notch this season? Nails featured heavily during London Fashion Week, and this Autumn/Winter there seems to be far too many on-trend colours to choose from. 

As we wave goodbye to a summer of pastels, neons and nudes, this winter's hands will be awash with deep blues and purples. But aside from a few richer colours, there's a lot more to be excited about. 

Borjois Magic Nail Polish Remover

Firstly, it's not exactly a nail polish but it is quite a talking point in the world of beauty gurus/bloggers. This nail polish remover promises to take one second to remove polish with the simple dip of a finger. Despite the hype, though, the general consensus is annoyance that it doesn't cater for toenails. Aside from that, it looks so simple!

Ciate Caviar Manicure Set

I'm a big fan of Ciate - but this has taken my obsession to new realms. The set contains one pot of caviar beads and one nail polish and comes in three different colours - Rainbow, Black Pearls and Mother of Pearls. Priced at £18 for the set, this is such a bargain. They look absolutely stunning - I really need this in my life!

Nails Inc Couture

This is such a lovely idea. You get to pick a colour, a handle (they're diamanté) and you can add writing onto the base of the pot. It comes in a lovely box, which you can also customise. I've never seen anything like this before but it's a great Christmas present idea for those clever enough not to spoil the surprise by writing about it on their blog. 

Essie - Mint Candy Apple

Essie has recently made its way onto the high street and is now available in Boots. The shade Mint Candy Apple has been a big hit with beauty bloggers - and although it's a summery shade I'm intrigued! 

Nails Inc Autumn Winter Collection

Nails Inc have digested the Autumn/Winter catwalks and summed it up in six nail polishes, including a pearl shade, navy glitter, forest green, a deep plum, a red and a taupe. The lazy way to on-trend nails!

butter LONDON - Gobsmacked Nail Lacquer 

Butter London has created five shades to go alongside Autumn/Winter trends, and for me the stand-out one is Gobsmacked - which is described as 'charcoal grey' with glitter and a 'textured finish'. All of the shades are inspired by texture and 'earthiness'. 


Kelly Osborne recently created a stir by getting a manicure with this polish - which contains 267 carats of crushed black diamond powder per bottle, and costs $250,000. A cheaper version, containing just one diamond, is said to be being released - which I'm definitely going to need..The 
Borjois Magic Nail Polish Remover won't know what's hit it!

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