The Daily Challenge, Day Seventeen: Films

I have a bit of a strange theory about films (the extinct word for 'movie').

When it comes to books, I like to think I'm moderately discerning. I absolutely deplore 'chick lit'. If I'm reading a book I need to feel as if my brain's getting a bit of exercise. I want to be overwhelmed by beautiful sentences, I want to enter a deep depression when it ends, I want to be so obsessed with it that take it to the cinema and read it until the lights go down (true story).When it comes to films, however, I'm a big believer in the more brain cells lost, the better. I like to keep my thinking reserved for words, and whether the girls on Take me Out are really that dense.

I just don't see how trying to navigate my way through a purposefully confusing film will be of any benefit to me. At least, at the end of a struggle with a good book - you'll have an improved vocabulary, a sense of achievement and you'll have learnt something. At the end of a confusing film - you're left with a headache.

The best thing I've ever seen in a film is the Bridesmaid's scene when Lillian defecates in the street in a wedding dress and I'm not ashamed.

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