The Daily Challenge, Day Thirty: Purpose

Doing the daily challenge has taught me a lot about the importance of having a purpose. Every day this month I've had a word picked for me - no negotiations allowed. But today, my last day of the Daily Challenge, has been my choice of word.

Unemployment and self-worth don't really go together. But it's only recently that I've noticed how important it's been to retain a sense of purpose. It's felt like a mini achievement every evening this month with the click of the 'publish' button.

They say that happiness is partly dependent on altruism, which goes hand-in-hand with feeling needed and important. Being unemployed can quickly descend into a perpetual state of de-motivation, so having something productive to do every day has been a bit of a life-saver. 

Anyone who knows me will know I love blues music. I've only seen a few guitarists live, but you see a passion that you really don't witness anywhere else. One of my favourite guitarists is Joe Bonamassa, and watching him play guitar is too overwhelming to put into words. He exudes passion for what he does, and it's very inspiring.

On the days where I'm at a loss for what to do, wondering whether or not to give up on what I love - it sounds cheesy but sticking on a bit of the blues really helps. There's so much passion behind blues music, and it reminds me how good it feels to have a sense of purpose, and whatever it is that gives you it is worth endlessly fighting for.

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