The Daily Challenge, Day Twenty-One: False

I've always wondered how to get a balance between being an honest person, and just being mean. When given the word 'false', I immediately thought about it as a character reference - when you're considered false if you're nice to someone you don't like.

Some people possess the ability to be upfront and honest to people, and a lot of people claim that they're honest- but really, no one is really completely honest all of the time. If you're shaking your head and thinking, 'not me, I'm never false to anyone', see below...

Everyday situations that render us all a little bit false:

  • On public transport', when asked: "Do you mind if I sit here?" as an overweight, grubby passenger points to the vacant seat next to you. The seat you've allocated as your bag's seat, and a buffer between you and the mass of smelly passengers you're forced to share a journey with. Of course you mind. But would you ever, ever honestly say 'yes, I do mind'? No!
  • In the hairdressers having your hair washed, when asked: "Is the water temperature okay?" No, it's always too hot. But has anyone in the history of hairdressing ever said anything other than "it's absolutely perfect, thank you"?
  • In the hairdressers, looking at the finished result of your haircut, which looks worse than if you'd cut it yourself. In your sleep. With your feet. "Is this okay?" be honest - you'd never say 'no' in a million years.
  • When someone gives you a compliment, you habitually reply along the lines of "You look lovely, too". Rather than just saying thank you, we have to say something polite back - it's just how it goes. Even if the person complimenting you looks like they had heroin for breakfast, you have to say something equally as nice back.
  • In a shop, when asked: "Would you like the receipt in your bag?' Think about it - do you genuinely want the salesperson to put your receipt for a chocolate bar that you know you like in your bag? What are you honestly going to do with it when you get home? But we gratefully answer "yes, please" every time.
  • If a stranger or salesperson asks you how you are, "I'm good, thanks", is the only response, even if you've just ran over your dog. 
  • In a restaurant, when the waiter asks, "Is everything okay with your meal?" Well, I'll let you off with this one. This question is only ever asked when you've taken a giant bite of food, so the answer is never more than an indiscernible muffled sound and a mini hurricane of chewed food. 


  1. At the football yesterday, a smelly old man sat next to me, when he had multiple empty ones to choose. When he went for his half time pie, I moved along 1. When he returned, he still sat next to me! Unlike your example, he didn't even ask!