The Daily Challenge, Day Twenty-Seven: Short

Short is a word that makes me think of me. I am short. And, as odd as it sounds, I think my (lack of) height has some impact on how I'm perceived by others. I fit into the old fashioned stereotype of a girl - the girl who would expect to be carried over a giant puddle, whose idea of DIY never extends beyond painting her own nails. But being short is sort of seen as a bad thing, rather than a feature.

I always had to sit on the front row of school photographs. And I still got growing pains without the growth spurt. But I like it. Being short somehow makes me feel more feminine than I think I would feel if I had a few extra inches on me. I'm sure there are many upsides to being tall, but it's like trying to imagine what it would be like to be the opposite sex - I'll just never know.

My five favourite upsides to being short:

- Your hair looks longer

- You're never expected to reach up to high cupboards

-You can often get away with wearing T-shirts as dresses

- You can curl up and go to sleep on a variety of furnishings

- You're statistically very unlikely to have a boyfriend who's shorter than you. Because let's face it, it looks a bit weird.

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