The Daily Challenge, Day Two: Toast

Oh yes, you read that right - 'toast' is my word for today. Unfortunately the daily word is non-negotiable.

At first I thought about taking this in the literal sense. But then after declaring my preference for toast triangles I realised there was very little else to write about. I then 'Googled' and found that 'toast' is also a graphic design agency, a clothing brand, an autobiography, a television production company and a film. Still, nothing sprung to mind. 

Then I thought about the other kind of toast, the one that involves drinks. A toast is defined by Wikipedia as a 'ritual in which a drink is taken as an expression of honor [sic]or goodwill'. This is one (of many) human behaviours that intrigues me. I've always wondered how clinking glasses and taking a sip constitutes as a recognition or celebration of something. It's a bit like a handshake - it has no real function, but it's nice, it's polite. Unfortunately, the only drink that is ever involved in my version of toast is a cup of tea. 

I'd hoped that this daily challenge, writing about things I wouldn't normally even think about, would allow me to learn new things. After being so uninspired at first at the word 'toast', I thought about the few rare, slightly awkward times when I've been asked to raise a glass in celebration. 

The ritual itself is confusing, but the thought behind it - drawing attention to the positive, is a good habit to have. My version may include a cup or tea and a sofa, rather than champagne and a restaurant, but I like the idea of acknowledging something positive, and sharing it with someone else. 

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