New Year's Eve

I've never been one to get too excited about New Year's. I was never allowed to stay up until midnight as a child - in fact, I was the only person in the world to sleep through the turning of the millennium. This year I will be spending New Year's alone - no plans, nothing - and I'm quite content with that. But looking back, I realise that I can remember celebrating in some way every year for the past seven years.

Remembering what I did each year, and who with, is a good indicator of how I've grown up. I remember seeing in 2005 by hugging a speaker at a party, crying to Funeral for a Friend (I was 15!). My best friend and I went out for New Year's two years ago and we were back in the hotel sipping tea by midnight. Every New Year's I've spent in any sort of social capacity has been a bit of a failure.

The thing that the majority of us have in common at this time is New Year's resolutions. Last year I think my only resolution was to read more books - and I actually stuck to it! The year before, I'd been going through a tough time. Unlike probably every year before that where I set out to lose weight, going into 2011 I aimed to be happy. This year, again I'm simply setting out to be a bit happier. When times aren't so good, the silver lining is that we're more reflective, mindful and grateful  for what we have.

I've had a tough 2012, but the bright side is that little things won't get to me next year, and the sense of perspective I'll carry through to next year is invaluable. It hasn't all been doom and gloom though, here are some of my favourite bits of 2012:

Seeing Joe Bonamassa (photos here)
Getting my tweet on TV! 
Getting an email from Jon Ronson (I know I'm a geek)
Discovering the beauty that is Jamie N Commons
Writing for Anxiety UK
Moving to London and getting a job
Making progress growing back my over-plucked eyebrow

Happy New Year everyone, and let's hope for a happy, even-eyebrowed 2013.

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