A Sunday Soundtrack

If days of the week were people, Sunday would be the late Christopher Hitchens - it oozes personality. Sunday has character. It has a familiar feel (this is where the Hitchens metaphor weakens...), it has routines, it has a content laziness about it, and let's be honest, it's the best day of the week. Whatever you do on a Sunday, it's always more enjoyable than if you did it on any other day. Sunday has a charm to it, a je ne sais quoi.

One of my favourite things about Sunday is that music seems to sound better. Sunday is a day for lazy music - to soundtrack those quiet musings, contemplations of the week gone by and the one to come next. To me, Sunday music is the best quality music. It's the crème de la crème of my iTunes. After all, Sunday is the day of the roast dinner - it's a day of discernment. 

Here's my refined Sunday playlist, which I find perfectly sums up the greatest day of the week. Best enjoyed with a milky coffee and a Sunday paper.

Johnny Cash
No introduction needed - Cash is the perfect background noise to lazy contemplations. I recommend: God's Gonna Cut You Down

Gabriel Bruce
Bruce has a magnificent, deep and gravely voice. He's not too established just yet, so he doesn't have enough music to fill up the whole day, but what he does have is a perfect accompaniment to Sundays. I recommend: Sleep Paralysis 

ZZ Top
For me, the best Sunday music is classic bands - I guess Sunday is a classic sort of day. I recommend: Thank You

Jamie N Commons
Beautiful voice, beautiful songs - the Johnny Cash of our age. I think this is the year he stops becoming a little-known secret. I recommend: The Devil In Me

BB King
I can't explain why exactly, but BB is just the epitome of Sundays. I recommend: Lucille 

Louis Armstrong
Again - lazy, contemplative, just sums up a Sunday. I recommned: Moon River

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