The Boston Bombing

Just as disasters like the Boston marathon bombing yesterday indicate what disgusting, twisted people we live amongst - it also is a time to address and remember the ineffable strength of so many more. Yesterday's tragedy elicited many responses and reactions, however there's one in particular I want to talk about.

In today's London Evening Standard there was an article titled: 'Londoners are urged to defy bombers by cheering on runners'. The article went on to say that the Sports Minister has issued an appeal for solidarity for the victims of the Boston bombings. He said: "The very best way to show solidarity with Boston is to get out there on the streets of London to cheer the runners on and show that we wont be defeated by this sort of activity".

I remember reading something similar in relation to the 9/11 bombings - many workers in New York went straight back to work the following day to cement the fact that terrorism will never win. More than any other inspiring acts surrounding yesterday, this attitude really does make me choke up a little bit.

When anything bad happens to me, I try to avoid it happening again at all costs. I cannot imagine the resolve and strength it takes to fight back so bravely and head-on - but the message it sends out really proves we're a nation to be ever so proud of.

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