Lisa Eldridge: You couldn't make her up

I've toyed with the idea of writing a post on Lisa Eldridge for ages. For those of you who don't know who Lisa is, she's the creme dela creme of make-up artists, the bees knees - if bees had beautiful knees. Or knees at all. She also manages to find the time to film make-up tutorials for her YouTube channel.

I know, there are millions of make-up tutorials out there. But hers really are something else. In yesterday's video, Lisa guided viewers through how to survive 'PMS face'. (Men - you guessed it, you might want to stop here.) The video spurred me on to write this post because it's just so good.

In the video, Lisa clips her hair back with 'Princess Leia' clips at the side of her face. This is one of her many virtues - looking great isn't what she's there to do (although she does look beautiful).

Make-up tutorials are often about make-up and little else. But Lisa demonstrates make-up's bigger picture  - it's about making women feel confident and at their best - and that there's nothing wrong or superficial about that. Lisa really goes the extra length with the subject of her videos.

Another reason I love Lisa is because she's so refined. She doesn't gush about products - she talks with such conviction and authority - but with a kindness and empathy for her viewers. Beyond her incomprehensible amounts of talent, she has a confidence that's balanced with an air of humility.

Lisa has been a contender for my fantasy dinner party for a long time. She's taught me a lot about make-up, but I've learnt much more than that from her. She's proof that great levels of ambition and success can happen to nice people - not just psychopaths.

Lisa said something she said in her PMS video that really sums her up. I'll leave you with a glimpse of a woman who knows women:

"Lovely hair, make up, and lovely clothes isn't necessarily going to stop you from feeling psychotic  or stop you from stuffing your face with chocolate, or stop you from arguing with everyone. But at least you're going to look fabulous while you do it."


  1. Aww I absolutely love Lisa Eldridge, the Mary Poppins of makeup! so elegant and lovely and knows exactly what she's talking about. You have a lot of people on Youtube who's reasons for liking a lipstick are "it's just so pretty and sparkly!" but she talks about texture and tones and really tells you the benefits of a product.
    She is my go to guru and, I think, one of few who really deserves that title. Plus she's so lovely! And shows that successful business-women don't have to be hard nosed bitches.

    I would love to go for coffee and makeup shopping with her, I just imagine she'd be amazing! ... I'll stop now ;)

    Bella | BELLAETC

    1. I completely agree with you, Bella-Marie. Since when was the word 'guru' used so lightly! But yes, that's exactly what Lisa is! Thanks for your comment!

  2. Ha, she sounds like a character. Humor works well with everything, doesn't it? So... can she turn me into a pretty, pretty princess?