A meaty telling-off

Over the past week, I’ve read a few articles related to vegetarianism. I didn't even go looking for them – it was one of those weird things that happens every now and again where something will pop up everywhere for a few days and restore your faith in the beautiful phenomenon that is coincidence.  

Among the articles, one in particular has stuck in my mind from a bacon/meat/vegetarian theme in the Dec-Jan issue of the glorious Oh Comely magazine. The writer spoke about feeling guilty for eating meat, saying she couldn’t think about it too much or it would upset her, but she couldn’t bring herself to stop eating it. "I know things that make me cry and gag when I think about them too much", she says. 

I’ve been looked at like I’m insane for choosing to eat tofu of my own free will enough times to feel justified in saying that The ‘Reluctant’ Meat Eater is the worst kind of omnivore. I’m not the sort to waste the very little energy in my deprived, iron-deficient body to scold anyone for choosing to eat meat, unless they bring morals into it.

If you’re a meat eater – that’s fine. You can gush about juicy steaks and crispy bacon all you like (is bacon crispy? It’s been a while), but don’t try and sound like an animal rights activist while you do it. Or really worried about the environment. Or the demise of the antibiotic.

You can’t have it both ways. Either eat meat and live with the guilt that comes with putting instant gratification before your morals, or stop eating it. The only exception is if you must eat meat for health reasons – as I do fish – but that’s a different kettle of, well you catch my drift.

The writer also says one reason she doesn't want to be a vegetarian is because 'to be vegetarian in this country is to be 'confrontational and inconvenient'. Vegetarians (and pescetarians) aren’t ‘fussy’. Many of us put morals before taste, and for nothing less than a glorified ape that’s quite an achievement. So don't pretend that you're such an ethical person for feeling bad about your non-free range eggs and bacon. Let us have all the glory, tofu tastes better that way. 


  1. Im not vegetarian but grew up around family that are. I respect vegans I have tried it myself and it made me feel ill. Theres a lot more into it than people think and some people decide they are going to stop eating meat and thats that but you have to look at the wider picture like washing powder uses boiled animal bones and also Toothpastes and fireworks also have animal products in its quite scary. Even the supermarket plastic bags use animal fats to make them easier to pull apart.
    Im all or nothing I can't see the difference between a little ant a fish a cow or a crocodile. An animal is an Animal. Like I said I'm a meat eater and I believe that because I made this decision I think we not waste any of the animal. I don't believe in killing animals for non edible purposes like fashion but I watched a programme on how they make sheep skin boots and thought I was going to in the end not want to own a pair in my life but in the end thought why not people are eating the animal and then the skin would go to waste this way every part of the animal gets used.
    Like I said I don't judge either way as long as you are happy with your decision thats ok.

    Good post nice to see a different piece of writing!!

    Carrieanne xx

    1. Thanks for reading Carrieanne! I know what you mean - there can be animal produce in a lot of things you wouldn't expect.

  2. Thank you for that! I've been vegetarian for two years now and what bothers me most is when people say "I would be vegetarian but I love meat too much". I don't say this out loud to them but I always think well if you truly felt strongly about it surely you'd do it for what you believe in? I loved chicken and even know I'll admit I miss one or two things but I know I could never go back to eating meat as I feel too strongly about it.


  3. Thanks Briony! Yeah I miss chicken too - it's the only meat I can remember the taste of!

  4. yes yes yes yes yes yes yes! pescetarians unite. (this is my far-from-eloquent way of saying your piece was very eloquent and I totally agree.) xo

  5. I'm not a vegetarian because I work out too hard with MMA training to eat only veggies. Granted, I know there are vegetarian diets tailored for this, but they're much too expensive for me and meat is a quick, easy protein. With that said, you won't hear me boasting about it. It's just fuel intake. Who thinks bragging about something they eat is cool?

    "I'm eating bacon and you're not. I went through the act of driving to the store, placing this in a pan for 10 minutes, and then I chewed it with my mouth. Aren't I so cool?"

    No, no you're not.

    1. It sounds so ridiculous but that really is how some people act! It baffles me.