Introspective happenings.

We all know someone who has the habit of making every conversation about themselves - and if you don't, my guess is that it's probably you. Well - living in a tiny Cornish village leaves little room  for human interaction outside of work - so you can only imagine my excitement when I witnessed what I am about to share with you. Humans are the best source of inspiration, after all.

This morning, I was stood in my local corner shop when I couldn't help but overhear a conversation that almost made getting out of bed on a Saturday before 9 AM to find that the shelf that is usually home to fresh croissants was empty.

I was in the queue (surely I'm not alone in not being able to leave a corner shop without buying something?). The man in front of me was talking to the woman serving him, and this is how the conversation went:

Man: I'm knackered. Only got a few hours sleep last night.

Woman: Oh dear, work?

Man: No, I don't work. I did until last May, but then my Missus ran off and left me to look after our daughter.

Woman: Oh my god, I couldn't be doing with that. No kids for me, thanks!

Man: Yeah... so I look after her now.

Woman: God, I'm far too young to be saddled with a kid. I have work!

Man: Well, it wasn't exactly my choice...

Woman: No. Well, I wont be having kids anytime soon I can tell you that!

Small talk is a tedious activity at the best of times, but I'm so happy that my little village finally gave me something to write about.

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