Redefining feminism

In today's Observer there is a rather berating article about Britain's got Talent judge Amanda Holden, accusing her of being an 'awful' woman. Amanda admitted on  television show Alan Carr: Chatty Man that curiosity had led her to watch Tulisa Contostavlos' recent 'sex' tape. The writer's apparent problem with this is that Amanda is a woman, calling it a 'a high-profile act of girl-on-girl treachery, full-frontal female betrayal'.

If this journalist had done her research better, she might have found that Amanda isn't the only person in the public eye that has admitted to watching it. Russell Howard admitted on his Russell Howard's Good News program, last week, to seeing the video. He's a man, though, so according to the article, that's okay. Amanda, however, might as well have secretly filmed it herself and posted it online.

The writer says that feminism is 'women trying to look out for each other'. Yet, the woman writing the article wasn't quite doing that. Feminism definitely isn't about bitching about a woman for doing something, because she's a woman - and letting a man get away with it.

Thankfully, the writer ended with such a clever reference to Britain's got Talent, saying that she'd 'buzz them off' - so we don't need to worry about anyone taking her seriously.

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