"You Don't Need to Wear Make-Up"

In the past few days my boyfriend has said to me at least three times, whilst pacing behind me with his coat on, that I don't need to put make-up on. At the time I've been sat contentedly applying mascara for about as long as it's taken him to get a shower, get ready and pace enough to burn off breakfast. All I manage in response is a fleeting, deadpan expression in his direction from under my mascara wand. But I think it's about time I try to elaborate on this commonly used expression. 

Dear all men,

You think that telling a woman she doesn't need to wear make-up is a compliment. In your way, you're telling her she doesn't need to cover anything up or accentuate anything. But I beg you to stop. I can't speak for all women - but if I can prevent one man from unnecessarily uttering the phrase again - I've done my job. 

I don't wear make-up because I need to. Of course, that's an objective view - I'm sure some would disagree if they saw me first thing in a morning. But I don't ever sit in my room and apply layers of foundation (men: that's the skin-coloured goo in a bottle) because I can't bear to go outside otherwise. I'm quite comfortable going outside without make-up on. There are some women less fortunate who aren't able to do that - so this isn't aimed at them. 

I'm not claiming to have great skin by any stretch of the imagination. Although my make-up might be used to cover up the odd spot, it serves much greater purpose. There are, of course, many women that will apply make-up every day because they feel they need it. And if that's your girlfriend, then you are excused. I'm specifically talking about the type of woman who, like me, uses make-up because she wants to. 

Make-up, and beauty products in general, mean a far lot more than what meets the male eye.  Reading about a new product in a magazine, seeing new seasonal beauty trends, the rush of buying a new lipstick, the sensual overload as you apply a new blusher for the first time, the feel of a new palette in your hand, the silent pride as you perfect a smoky eye - there is nothing comparable to the pleasure of a true beauty addict getting her fix. 

Fashion and beauty trends come and go - but they define time. What differentiates one season from the next has a lot to do with trends and the events and affairs that influence them. New make-up on the shelves may look like a tube of goop to the untrained boyfriend, but they stand for so much more. 

Make-up is all about the senses - the colours, textures, smells, how they feel as we apply them and how we feel when we wear them. Applying make-up is a meditative, relaxing process. It's a chance for people like me, whose drawings look like a five-year-old who's used their feet, to be creative. 

We don't need make-up. But my god do we want it. 

Beauty is much more than a pretty face - The Body Shop


  1. I loved this!
    I know exactly what you mean. Makeup is a hobby to me, so when my brother plays football, I'm blissfully defining my eye with a liner. In my opinion there isn't anything wrong with that! :-)
    Megan x

  2. Haha very clever post... My bf says the same thing! But sometimes they are right, some women wear way too much makeup when they actually look better au naturale... Anyway,... Lovely blog you have here. I'm your newest follower :) Would you mind checking out our blog & following back via GFC and Bloglovin'? Looking forward to your next post! xx


  3. Yeah I know what you mean - I just want to go up to those girls with a make-up wipe (or five)! Thanks for reading :) xx

  4. Great post! When men talk about how women don't *need* to wear make-up I sometimes want to shake them and shout BUT IT'S GOT NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU. I'm going to generalise and say that most women don't wear make-up for men, but rather for themselves, and if they wear it for anyone else's benefit, it's more likely to be other women. I am only a very occasional wearer of make-up (one day a week, if that) and thankfully my boyfriend has never expressed any opinion about it.

    1. Thanks you! I agree with what you say about women not wearing make-up for men, I think we all know they'd rarely know the difference! Haha you're luck - although I think my boyfriend's got the message after proofreading this post for me ;) xxx

  5. Great post))) I heard so many times "you look good without makeup, you don't need it", and a lot of my friends (girls) tryed to wear less makeup to be more likeable for the opposite sex.
    If you like makeup- wear it. Not for someone, just for your self. I enjoy every single second, when I apply my makeup, as you said, it is a meditative process.)))

    1. Thank you! :) it really is, I could sit and apply make-up for hours haha. Thanks for reading! xxx