Oh Summer, We Meet Again...

I'll cut straight to the chase: I'm not looking forward to seeing summer this year. The extended winter we’ve had over Easter has made me very happy. Yet at the same time, I'm deeply sad as I know it will soon disappear for six months.

I realise that this makes me sound really weird. Let me elaborate and hopefully convert you into a fellow winter-lover with my persuasive words.

Death with Wings

I cannot fathom why people look forward to the same season that forces me to dart around, squeal and run into strangers on a daily basis - just to avoid being stung by a flying insect that wants to really, really hurt me.

I become a shadow of my former self in summer - my fear of bees and wasps means no perfume, no scented moisturiser, no eating anything sugary outside, hair constantly tied up, eyes flitting around and constantly on the lookout, accidentally locking myself out of rooms and subsequently suffering in a house of shut windows, and not wearing anything bright or roomy that could be a potential wasp trap.

Warming Up > Cooling Down

When you're too cold, all you have to do is jump on the spot for a few seconds, wrap up in a duvet or get a warm shower. The only way to cool down in summer is to get a cold shower. I may have rare tastes when it comes to season, but even I don't like a cold shower.

Drinking Tea

For six months of the year I can happily drink hot drinks exclusively. No-one’s ever called a cold glass of water a hug in a mug.

Being Hot Isn’t Hot

I don’t see the appeal of being constantly hot and flustered, sweaty, sleepy, headachy, uncomfortable and just yucky. Being cold keeps you on your toes!

Weather Complaints

When people incessantly moan about the cold weather it's easy to drown it out. When it's hot and sunny, however, people need something else to complain about. They burden you with complaints that you can't mechanically reply with 'yeah it is cold today. Minus one degrees, wow…’. 


  1. I can't help but agree with you on this one. I'm a very cold person so it has to be pretty warm for me to consider the weather hot, but then when it reaches that point I am just so freaking uncomfortable. I also have no idea how to dress for hot weather, I just end up looking like a sweaty lump.

    1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one - I feel like I stand completely alone on this!