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I've recently been advised by a few friends, ensuing my 'I had to turn down my internship' speech, not to give up or be down-spirited. I interpreted this advice as both sweet and mildly offensive, but I'm probably just becoming a bit defensive and bitter. 

Yesterday I applied for a job that required me to fill out some information, including 'describe yourself in four words' and 'describe your biggest achievement to date'. Once I overcame the questions ambiguity, and scribbled out Leonardo DiCaprio, I wrote without pause.

As I read it back, I realised that I either definitely was becoming defensive or I was truly doing myself proud. I wrote, that since leaving university in June, I have unrelentlessly  worked towards my goals. After several knockbacks and consequently, a few short-term sulks, I hadn't given up. After quickly brushing myself off, I threw myself back into applying for jobs, blogging and freelance writing with unfaltering determination. 

One reason why I have named this my biggest achievement is because, as I'm sure you're already aware, unemployment isn't good. It isn't good for the self-esteem, the mind or the bank balance. You become suspicious that everyone knows you're dirty little secret. Polite smiles when you catch strangers eyes become sardonic and knowing. You become paranoid that people will judge you.

 As I consider myself quite a veteran, and obviously have some time on my hands, here are some tips for if you ever find yourself on the unemployment line:

- You will become aware that people you meet will be obsessed with defining people by career. After asking your name, 'what do you do?' always ensues. Be prepared to be fully judged as a person on this, and get your ambiguous, yet not fully untruthful answer ready to confuse them. 

- You will start to defend Jeremy Kyle and Loose Women. It's best just to not go down that road at all. Take yourself for an early morning walk for the sake of your health. 

- Trips to the supermarket will become exciting. Savour them.

- Keep a note of what jobs you apply for, trust me it will be worth it: 

"Hello, I'm ringing regarding the job you applied for with us. I see your a journalism graduate. Why did you apply for this job?" 

"Erm.... I just fancied... something different?"

"What do you think the job will entail?"

"[Long pause] Doing stuff?"

- You will have a different way of working out what day it is. You will know it's Wednesday because the cinema is cheaper. You'll know it's Saturday because there's no day time television. You might as well take the calendar down now, you won't need it. 

- Remember, unemployment won't be forever. And if you happen to live in Doncaster and you go to claim benefits, for God's sake don't talk to anyone while you're there. 

'What is the good of being a genius if you cannot use it as an excuse for being unemployed?' - Gerald Barzan

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