Drama in the workplace

Dear avid, committed, readers (i.e. Dad), once again I have found myself back in the lovely land of unemployment. A label that  has led me to worry that my writing will become increasingly bitter, my hair less frequently washed and the world seem even more alien. The circumstances under which it happened were also rather strange.The day in question, I woke up to a phone call:

"Hi Jess, it's the man who turned you down for your dream job a few months ago. I know we whittled it down to you and someone else, and got your hopes up, but you didn't get the job. I know it's the closest you've been to a taste of happiness, and that you never really got over me rejecting you. The guy we took on, however, is leaving for a job with twice the salary. I'd like to offer you the job. Start first thing Monday!" 

Aside the sheer annoyance that I was supposed to know what time 'first thing' was, I was inexplicably happy. I spent the morning floating, laughing at everything, and taking pleasure in quitting my current job. Later on that day, I received another call:

"Hi Jess, it's me again. I know it's obvious something isn't right because the tone of my voice sounds like I'm dragging my balls on the floor and I've swallowed a conker. We've had a redundancy in the company, so we legally need to offer this person the job that I've just given you. I know I sound like a prick now, so sorry."

I found out a few days later that the other person took the job. I was back to being Unemployed Graduate with Overdraft. After this second phone call, I physically felt as if there'd been a dimmer switch turned down. Not only was there a pervasive stench of unhappiness everywhere I went, but my body felt heavier and the world looked malevolent. 

What amazed me, was that I hadn't actually gained anything. I believed I'd gotten an amazing job, but nothing had changed. It was then taken away from me, but really, I was left with exactly what I'd had that morning. Oh, minus my current job. The whole experience, if you can call it that, made me wonder how temperamental and sensitive our happiness is. One phone call was all it took for my body and my perspective to alter.

I now would argue that we don't have to experience something in order to feel the effects of happiness. To know that our circumstances will change is enough. If only we could all believe that one day soon we will be happy, we'd be a much more pleasant species to be around. 


  1. This annoyed me, ive had a few similar experiences (not quite as bad) with jobs, Been offered a job and told i would start the following week, when i rang up for my hours i was told there was no work at the minute, this was 6 months ago and im still waiting. Also was intervied for a job and offered it the same day, filled in all the paper work and told that i would be able to start in the next 2 weeks...still waiting and the woman wont answer my phonecalls now, although she did send me an email to tell me that she was having to re-advertise the job but i would still get it :S

  2. Really? That's well bad - there must be some sort of compensation available, especially since you filled in paperwork and stuff!!