A fashion misfire?

If you were to judge me solely based on this blog - it may come as a surprise to you that I have a great love for all things beauty and fashion-related. I can happily swoon over a shoe, I happen to know a little about make-up trends and I would definitely beat a magpie to anything sparkly.
As I sat down to read Grazia's 300-page collector's issue this week (24th September), I marvelled over the contents of the 'big big big fashion issue', which included snippets and reports of Autumn/Winter '12 Fashion Week.
As I sifted through a documented week in the life if Victoria Beckham at New York Fashion Week and the looks of next Spring, I came across an article that has confused me more than the 'skirts over trousers' trend that seems to be emerging. The piece, titled: 'Top Cat', features Karl Lagerfeld's pet cat, 'Choupette', as she talks readers through her day. I initially thought a 'Cats Weekly' magazine has made its way into the middle of my Grazia by mistake.
Of course, the majority of coverage of Lagerfeld is a bit obscure, whether it's his iPod habits or which members of the royal family he thinks are ugly, but this is a little bit too far for a fashion magazine and its 'fashion' issue. Especially when you learn that Choupette had a 'prawn medley' made for him on his birthday.
I'm sure there's a link somewhere between the fact that Lagerfeld's cat likes to eat pate from a plate and the quest for an on-trend Spring wardrobe.

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