The XX - Coexist

The XX are a trio that works better together than chocolate, peanut butter and wafer (I'm thinking along the lines of a Kit Kat). 
After the recent release of the single Angels, I've been anticipating The XX's second album like I've never anticipated an album before.
As always with the release of a much-awaited album, there are reviews flying around everywhere. One sentence that really stuck out from a review was: "this record is about smoke without fire". 
Every review, as predicted, is quick to talk about The XX's muted, subdued sound - and reflecting on whether or not it borders on boring. But Coexist sounds a lot more confident of its sound than their first, self-titled album - a reaffirmation that they're unafraid by this label. . 
Aside from the absolute genius that is Angels, some other stand out songs include Sunset, which has a beat running through it that will have you delightfully confused, as it plays alongside a slow melody. And there's Missing's lulling, entrancing vocals and beautiful lyrics... and Reunion, with its steel drums and characteristic melancholic beat, which almost sounds like you're on an Hawaiian beach in a storm, on the honeymoon of a marriage you already regret. 
Band member Smith said that Coexist was influenced by club music, which at first may seem perplexing. After listening to it a few times, however, this starts to make a bit of sense.
The XX's debut album, released in 2009 was hailed a strong, subtle, silent success. Coexist, thankfully, has stayed 100% true to their sound. Saturated with emotion, this album is heavier, more harmonious, and a much louder version of silent. 
As hoped, Coexist is the perfect sound to accompany cogitation and those punctuated moments of contemplating life. 

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