A Catch 2:2

In my oh-so-fun search for employment, I've had my fair share of annoyances and downfalls - I guess it comes with the territory. Aside from rude interviewers, false hope, perpetual rejection and self-doubt - there's a clear winner when it comes to the perils of job searching.

A surprising amount of job adverts specify that candidates must have a 2:1 to apply - some don't even let you apply for the job if you don't. This is as much a hindrance to the company as it is to graduates - and I'm not just saying that because I graduated with a 2:2.

I know I have a lot to give. I believe that my 2:2 doesn't define my abilities or my potential. It might imply my previous ability to keep to a certain structure, guidelines, a check-list to ensure good marks on paper, but I've never been a straight-A student. Throughout university I think I achieved one First. But this isn't because I'm not clever or capable. It isn't because I can't stick to the task at hand, or because I don't understand what is required of me.

I'm creative. I have messy handwriting and an even messier brain. I might get distracted sometimes, or go off on tangents. I might not have achieved such impressive grades but it doesn't mean I'm not intelligent. There are many graduates that aren't being given the opportunity to let employers know that they excel in other ways, and like me, that their final grade doesn't define them.In keeping with the typical mindset of a job-seeker, one which I have perfected, it's their loss.

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