The Daily Challenge

For the past two months I've been applying for jobs and not doing much else. The thing about being unemployed is that you usually can't afford to do anything but apply for jobs. Living in London but not being able to explore the city, being by myself all day as my boyfriend goes to work - it's safe to say I've become somewhat uninspired.

It's my opinion that even the most intelligent, together, healthy and independent mind can't survive without any human interaction. As I expected, being completely alone for a large portion of the day has had detrimental effects on my cognitive ability.

It is for this reason, and the fear that I will lose all ability to write by the time someone employs me, that my boyfriend has decided to set me a daily challenge. For the month of November he will be giving me a word every morning to write a blog post on that day.

I've always steered towards quality over quantity on my blog. If I've gone a week or so without writing a post it's because I don't have anything good enough to write about. I don't publish a post unless I'm absolutely sure about it, so writing something every day in November that continues to maintain the standard I set for myself will be the biggest challenge. Although, I admit it's preferable to growing a moustache for a month.

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