The Challenge, Day Twenty-Three: Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous is defined as 'consisting of diverse things or members'. When I think about it, miscellany has heavily influenced where I am now. I went to school with a diverse group of people who were put together for seven years because they lived geographically close to the school. If it wasn't for this random group of people, I might have different likes and dislikes, I'd have had different experiences, memories and possibly a different path in life. 

Then I went to university, where I was thrown with another diverse bunch of people with only one factor in common - an interest in that particular university. If it wasn't for the 'miscellaneous' group of people I met there, the things we did and what that taught me - I definitely wouldn't be here today, or have met the person I'm here with. 

Being thrown together with a bunch of people at the start of university was a baffling concept. It's the same as a work environment - out of all the people in the entire world, you're thrown together with a particular bunch of humans and forced to spend a lot of time with them in close quarters. If it weren't for miscellaneous groups of people coming together, some of us might not even be here. Miscellany - an underrated word if there ever was one. 

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