The Daily Challenge, Day Twenty-Four: Stupidity

My life reeks of stupidity. And not the affectionate 'silly' you might refer to someone as. I mean proper, idiotic, baffling levels of stupidity. In fact, most of the decisions I've made in life so far have been the wrong ones, and on reflection, really stupid. But how else do we learn? I'm yet to put into practice anything I've learnt from these stupid mistakes - but one day I'm sure the penny will drop. 

Here are some of the stupid things I've done in life so far, just as a gentle reminder that you're probably comparatively a very intelligent being. 

Going to university to study journalism. Now, this isn't a bad decision per se. But to say that at the ripe age of 18 I had never once read a newspaper, and didn't actually know what journalism was, it wasn't my best decision ever.

Joining the TA. In general, this is a noble decision, but anyone who's actually seen me will know it never could be a career option for me and my 5"1 frame. Needless to say, it didn't last.

Transferring to the University of Cumbria. One shit-for-brains tutor, one discouraging 'there's no need to weigh yourself down with our NCTJ classes' and no feedback of work for a year later - unemployment seems to almost be a lucky escape. 

Dyeing half my head yellow. Then a bit of it green. There's no need to elaborate. 

Feeding my dying fish orange juice. It turns out not all fish die of Vitamin C deficiencies. It's a good job I'm pescetarian otherwise I'd be carrying around that guilt forever. 

Taking an 'herbal' LSD tablet at a festival. 20 hours later and I'm in an A&E waiting room screaming that I'm dying. The mere act of waking up makes me anxious, I really should have seen that one coming. 
There are many more acts of stupidity that have defined my fate throughout the years, but it turns out that this post is a tiny bit more depressing to write than I initially thought. If it just saves one fish, though, my work here is done.

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