The Daily Challenge, Day Four: Screenplay

When I think of the word 'screenplay', I get a little flip in my tummy - it's sort of like the feeling you'd get when you're poorly and have to miss out on something exciting. It's also similar to (I'm guessing) a maternal twinge, but instead of wanting a baby, you want to hurry up and achieve your ambitions.

Writing a screenplay is something I really want to do. Eventually. I've put if off because I assume that I'll produce better work when I'm a bit older and wiser. When anyone my age says 'I'm writing a book', I cringe inside. I'm sure there many, many great books written by 22-year-olds, I just feel like it's something I'm not mature enough to accomplish, yet. 

But when does the art of putting something off for good reason become procrastination? I'm unbelievably jealous of people my age who have accomplished things similar to my own goals. Am I just putting things off for when I'm older because I'm really just scared of failure?

On top of my 'Daily Challenge', I've decided to bite the bullet and write a screenplay. Actually, it's a competition that is closing in three day's time, and I've only just decided to do it. And it has to be at least 25 pages. I might not have any common sense, but at least I have balls. 

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