The Daily Challenge, Day Five: Taste

When I think of 'taste', I don't instantly think of my mouth. That was a weird first sentence.

I think of style, as everyone's style is defined by their own personal taste. I'm definitely not the most sartorially discerning of people, but I definitely pay more attention to fashion and beauty than I did when I was younger.

I often find myself lusting over a pair of shoes, or falling to sleep whilst conjuring up images in my head of potential outfits for the next day. With things like this, I used to have an underlying train of thought, a voice that would scold me for being so shallow and aesthetically obsessed.

I used to cover my walls in pages from fashion magazines when I was a student. But even though I was studying journalism, the idea of going into fashion or beauty journalism was just something I didn't let myself consider. I remember a woman at a make-up counter once telling me I should be a beauty journalist, as I'd get to try out loads of make-up for free. I remember thinking 'but make-up isn't real.'

Proof that I've always been into fashion
Now, though, I embrace this side to my personality. I no longer feel guilty for running out to buy five of the same magazine because of the free nail polish, or fantasising about my dream winter wardrobe. I no longer feel ashamed to say that one motivator to get a job is because I want to be able to treat myself to make-up again.

I no longer believe that people that are into beauty and fashion are shallow or materialistic. Beauty is a gigantic industry. But if it vanished overnight and there was no such thing as make-up, we'd all survive. Loving make-up and clothes, but not relying on them to make you happy, is the key.

Having something that you love that isn't crucial to survival is nothing to be ashamed of. I know I'm capable of being mildly intelligent at times, so I'm quite content to admit that shiny things make me happy on the surface.

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