The Daily Challenge, Day Nine: Particles

I don't remember a lot from GCSE biology, but I'm certain that particles are pretty small. I'm not sure where I heard it, but the word 'particles' reminds me of something I've heard a few times before.

I've heard people say that when they have a problem they look up at the stars and remember how insignificant their worries are. It's meant to realign your perspective when you let little things become bigger than they are. I don't think my brain really works that way, though.

When you remember that we live in infinite space, getting annoyed about a crap internet connection does seem a bit trivial. To think like that would just terrify me, though. On top of all my problems, to be reminded how small and insignificant my life is - talk about kicking me when I'm down. There's also the fact that even looking at clouds makes me feel vertiginous - I would make the worst astronomer ever.

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