The Convoluted World of Chocolate

Today I read an eye-opening article about a very common marketing angle that chocolate companies use. The article points out their obsession with the idea that the act of a woman eating chocolate is ''naughty' and 'sinful', referencing the recent Crispello ad

What surprised me was that fact that I've seen many chocolate adverts in my time - they're the only kind that attract and keep my attention - but this had completely washed over me.

Without realising it, I'd not only fallen for a marketing ploy, but I'd been happily playing along.

And they really are only aimed at women. Seeing an advert with a man caressing a Twix and making noises reminiscent of a Herbal Essences advert just wouldn't seem right.

I'm slightly paranoid as to what else I've been cleverly tricked into thinking. I really do see my regular chocolate indulgences as naughty, but naughty in an "oops, there I go again, silly cow", sort of way, rather than a "put it down you fatty" sort of way. I'm certain that the disparity between these two mindsets makes a difference to my levels chocolate consumption. It's all starting to make sense now.

Chocolate is almost untouchable. It doesn't get the bad press that its sugar and fat content probably deserves, and I'm sure the way it's advertised has a lot to do with that. Chocolate isn't responsible for clogging arteries. It's naughty. It's fun. It's a way for women to misbehave without getting locked up or herpes.

Now that it's been brought to my attention, I do feel a little brainwashed. Why have I been seeing my evening chocolatey indulgence as delightfully illicit? I wouldn't stuff my face with a plate of cheesy chips and think 'ooh, how cheeky'.

Oh well, I'm off to get jiggy with a Snickers.


  1. this post really made me laugh! you write really well aha and i wish i liked chocolate, those mini eggs look yummy!
    Alice xx

    1. Aw thank you for your lovely comment :) I'm always so shocked when someone says they don't like chocolate, I don't understand!! xxx

    2. haha it gives me a headache for some reason! xx

  2. Hey i've nominated you for the liebster blog award! check out my blog to see what to do :)
    Alice x