World Mental Health Day 2013: A charitable thank you

Today marks World Mental Health Day, and as usual there are articles, tweets and events surrounding mental health.

As another year goes by, there have been triumphs and tests towards the battle against stigma. In the past couple weeks there has been a sensationalist front-page headline from The Sun, claiming that 'mental patients' are violent, and not long before that, Asda and Tesco decided to sell Halloween costumes of a 'mental patient'.

One of the major driving forces against these two incidents was mental health charities. And this is indicative of their general, everyday presence against stupidity and ignorance, as well as being there for those in need of someone to turn to.

The UK's mental health charities give a voice to everyone suffering with a mental health problem. They use their online presence in the most benevolent way - sharing, educating, inspiring and encouraging those that need it. They are consistent, reliable and, for someone who has been on an NHS counselling waiting list for six months, a refreshing reminder that there's help if I need it.

Mental health charities celebrate the everyday steps we make towards a world without stigma, and play one of the most crucial roles in the fight against it. But it's also the little things. When a programme on mental health is broadcast on television, they will tweet any trigger warnings, and let you know what's happening if you don't feel strong enough to watch it. They'll ask for your opinions, experiences and let you know they're there if you need to talk to someone.

On a day that reminds you to reflect on your mental health, the first thing I think of is how grateful I am for mental health charities, their consistent support and unwavering determination to keep up the fight. 


  1. Those charities do so much - and I'm not one bit surprised about The Sun headline, that paper is pure scum xx

  2. The mental health charities are great with all the work they do & the promoting they do over social media too :) xx

  3. I don't donate to many things, but I did donate to a fellow blogger's US-based mental health charity, and will continue to do so in the future. Definitely a worthy cause that needs more support and more attention.